CMMI 2.0 Evaluation, Benchmark, and Sustainment Appraisal Services

Abridge Technology is authorized by the CMMI Institute (now part of ISACA) to provide official CMMI 2.0 appraisal services (all types). At your discretion, the results of these appraisals will be posted to the CMMI Institute website and will be made available, for example, to government acquisition and procurement officials.

In addition to appraisal services (and related consulting), Abridge Technology has a variety of training classes available to you to help you continue your organizational journey to internationally recognized world-class performance.

Official CMMI 2.0 Training Classes

Abridge Technology regularly conducts classes of the CMMI Institute's official CMMI 2.0 courses. Upon request, one or more of these courses can be held onsite at your location. We also periodically hold public offerings of these CMMI classes. Currently, all these courses are being held using virtual collaboration environments (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, etc.) Under appropriate conditions, Abridge Technology will also support onsite class offerrings at the location of your choice.

These official classes cover CMMI 2.0 for Development, CMMI 2.0 for Services, and CMMI 2.0 for Supplier Management.

Legacy CMMI v1.3 & Related Downloads

The legacy CMMI Models (DEV, SVC, and ACQ) are still available. The models will not be recognized by the CMMI Institute after September 30, 2020. Nonetheless, these frameworks represent 20 years of evolution of best practices and the v1.3 material still works and remains an excellent *free* source of process management, engineering, service, and acquisition best practices. Please note that, where applicable, the CMMI Institute and/or ISACA own all relevant copyrights, service marks, trade marks, and anything else that applies. All the material accessible via these links is public domain. If related to the legacy v1.3 or earlier version, the material was likely already been paid for by U.S. taxpayers. These links are provided as a convenience.

As indicated above, the CMMI Institute is no longer affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University nor the Software Engineering Institute at CMU. However, if you seeking information specifically from the Software Engineering Institute, try starting from their homepage.

Downloadable copies of the three CMMI models (or officially, "constellations") are below. Again, although now replaced by CMMI V2.0, this legacy material is public domain and you are free to print, forward, or otherwise share.

And of course, properly used, it is still highly effective for initiating and sustaining an internal organizational process improvement initiative based on the adoption and adaptation of world-class best practices.